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Throughout our 5 1/2 year battle against the Wysocki organization, we have come to realize the deck is stacked against local citizens, small businesses, and family farms and in favor of big corporations.


For many of us in the Saratoga Concerned community, this CAFO fight has created an awareness of how important clean and abundant water is for all of us, whether it's drinking water or surface water. Statewide activism is key to protecting our community, our states natural resources, and is essential to bringing back Wisconsin's proud heritage of conservation.  We are committed to building bridges with all parties affected by this attack on citizens rights to clean and abundant water, and on the right of a citizen to protect and maintain an existing lifestyle, whether a family farmer, rural resident or lake dweller.

We are dedicated to continuing the fight against the proposed Wysocki CAFO in Saratoga and additionally keeping our residents and supporters informed regarding other important actions and/or concerning legislation that will impact them.

Saratoga Demographics

Saratoga organized as a township on January 9, 1857.  Originally called “Ten Mile Creek Settlement” for the nearby streams, Saratoga continues to thrive on the banks of the streams the town was once named after.  >>More 


Wysocki CAFO

On June 6th, 2012 the Wysocki Family of Companies announced their plans for a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) also known as a Factory Farm or Mega Dairy to the township of Saratoga.  >>More 



Citizens Fight for Saratoga

Currently under construction.  Visit again in the near future to view updates.



As the number of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Wisconsin grows, rural communities face the environmental and social impacts of industrial agriculture and need help. The Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network has a variety of resources, studies, and information to help grass-roots groups fight to preserve their rural heritage and communities. >>More

Follow the link to keep up to date on current legislation that is working its way through Madison.



Is your current local official a Wisconsin Water Warrior willing to promote clean water initiatives or is it time to Replace the Face of the person representing you.  >>More



Wisconsin Interactive CAFO Map

As of June 2017 there were 331 Permitted or new proposed CAFO permits on the books at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Since that time numerous more requests and permits have been submitted.  The map identifies name, location, and county of each CAFO mapped.  Simply click on any marker to see specific information.  Use the + and - signs to zoom in and out.

The main goal of a local government is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its constituents.  When Federal and State Law do not dictate statute, it is within the local governing body to enact additional safeguards for its citizens.  Linked here is are a variety of ordinances that assist local governments in defending themselves against contamination issues CAFO facilities bring with them when they move in next door.  >>More

Numerous statewide citizen-led grassroots groups are forming and becoming increasingly vocal to protect and defend their communities against all types of injustices brought upon them by lack of true representation in our local and state government.  Linked here is a quick reference list of groups currently organized and fighting to preserve their communities.  >>More

Provided here is a list of Statewide organizations and non-profit groups who are actively supporting grassroots efforts and working toward environmental protection in all areas.  many of these organizations have been invaluable resources of information for our local efforts.  >>More



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