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Farm Regulatory Certainty Act  -  House Bill 848

House Bill 848, called the Farm Regulatory Certainty Act, would take away citizen's ability to use the legal system to bring suit against, or receive a judgment against, a contaminating entity. If this bill passes,  no longer could citizens demand clean drinkable water from corporate polluters, endangering the drinking water of millions.


You may remember in 2015 a lawsuit underway in Washington state where citizens alleged four separate industrial sized diaries of mismanagement of manure causing contaminated water supplies in the Lower Yakima Valley.  Citizens won that case and the dairies were forced to implement sweeping changes to their contaminating practices.

It is no surprise the industry is now retaliating by attempting to outlaw suits against the industry at the Federal level by promoting and pushing for the "Farm Regulatory Certainty Act".

Help stop this bill by following the link provided and adding your name to a letter being sent to your Federal Representatives.  Tell them to oppose House Bill 848

Food & Water Watch - House Bill 848


Wetlands Destruction Bill  -  SB 600/ AB 547


The wetlands destruction bill already received a public hearing but you can still do your part by contacting your state representatives and demanding that they reject this horrific bill.

SB600 / AB547 has drawn large-scale opposition from conservation leaders and sporting groups. This bill would make it easier to build on wetlands that aren’t connected to navigable waters—nonfederal wetlands—which could result in a loss of an estimated one million acres of wetlands in Wisconsin.


Many supporters state this bill is positive due to the proposal that any wetland covered and built upon must be replaced, what they do not tell you is that it does not have to create a manmade wetland in the same area or even same part of the state in which the one was removed.  This will impact the wildlife that depends on the wetlands as well as the groundwater which the wetlands filter.

For an in-depth look at this bill, please visit Midwest Environmental Advocates page outlining concerns from various environmental groups.  Then be sure to contact your state representatives, the page can be accessed HERE

Assembly Representative - Scott Krug

(608) 266-0215
(888) 529-0072


Senator - Patrick Testin

(608) 266-3123

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