Replace the Face in 2018


The Replace the Face campaign is spearheaded by the Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin as part of an action tool to help Wisconsin citizens identify and vote for elected officials who are willing to protect their constituents drinking water from pollution caused by industries with "regulatory certainty" and excessive legislative influence.


Elected officials are put in place to represent their constituents, not the platform of their political party or big money interests.  In order to change the current direction political practice in Wisconsin, it is essential for citizens to commit their involvement and voice to the fight.  We must demand attention to the clean drinking water crisis hitting Wisconsin and elect representatives that will work on initiatives and actions for our health, safety, and welfare.


Who is on your local ballot and willing to be a Wisconsin Water Warrior?


LINKED HERE is a county by county list of Supervisors who are facing re-election in April.  Citizens' Water Coalition is encouraging citizens from each county to contact their representatives and ask them the following 2 questions.


  1. According to Water Watch Wisconsin, 47 percent of private wells are estimated to be contaminated by one or more pollutants at levels above health standards. How clean is the drinking water in the municipalities and private wells within your county? What areas have drinking water concerns and what are those concerns? 

  2. As an elected official what will you do to protect drinking water in your county for the health, safety, and welfare of your constituents?


After you've asked the candidate these questions, please record the answers in the Google Form linked below and submit. Citizens' Water Coalition of Wisconsin will compile all registered answers into a Google Spreadsheet available to the public for viewing with results from citizen's inquiries from around the state. 


Replace the Face GOOGLE FORM 


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