Township of Saratoga - Wood County, Wisconsin

Population 5,383 at the 2000 census.

Area  51.2 Square Miles


Residential Dwellings: Approximately 2700 private homes with private water wells (combination of sandpoint & drilled) over 700 residences within 1-2 miles of proposed high capacity wells and approximately an additional 700 residents within 2-3 miles.  Totalling 1400 homes within the cone of depression of high capacity wells proposed by Wysocki CAFO plan.


Local Businesses: As of November 2012 according to the latest available fire inspection lists from the Saratoga town office, there are more than 100 businesses in Saratoga.  Each of these employ at the very least one person.  In addition, there are the smaller part-time or home-based businesses that do not warrant inspection, as well as numerous businesses in the town of Rome nearby.  Many of these businesses will be threatened by loss of quantity and purity of water as well as air quality.


Demographics: The township consists of residential rural homes surrounded by Managed Forest Land (MFL). The MFL was currently owned by Plum Creek until purchased in late 2015 by Wysocki Family of Companies (including Ellis Industries and possibly other investors) to convert to agricultural fields.  


Also Included within the township borders are multiple waterways to include but not be limited to: the 10 Mile and 7 Mile creeks which are classified trout streams, Ross Lake,  adjacent to our township and close enough to be affected by the proposed dairy and high capacity wells (HCW) is the Tri-lakes area of Rome (Adams County)  including 14 Mile Creek which feeds three recreational lakes called: Lakes Sherwood, Lake Camelot, and Lake Arrowhead along with their municipal well. Approximately 4,000 residential properties surround the Tri-Lakes area.  Bordering our township is also the Wisconsin River which immediately feeds Lake Petenwell, the second largest inland lake in WI with one of the largest algae blooms in America in recent years.  


Our township and the adjacent township of Rome are recognized as a highly recreational area with numerous miles of snowmobile and ATV trails, campgrounds, hunting, and waterways for fishing and boating.  Rome & Saratoga are not agricultural communities although there are a few scattered small farms and some acreage under the control of large vegetable growers.


Saratoga is settled over a single source aquifer (not legally identified as of yet) and is located in the Central Sands - which is exactly as it sounds - it is sand country, generation after generation of settlers abandon the idea of farming this region.  The only thing it is suitable for growing is pine trees (according to the USDA).



Saratoga Demographics

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