Friends of the Central Sands - Friends of the Central Sands is a 501(c)(3) Wisconsin based organization working to promote a health Central Sands landscape through natural resource stewardship, community involvement, scientific knowledge and advocacy. FOCS has been instrumental in the legal fight against the Richfield CAFO and resulting groundwater pumping across the state. FOCS is located in Coloma (Waushara County) but also serves all or parts of Adams, Portage, Marquette, Shawano, Marathon and Waupaca counties


Crawford Stewardship Project - Works to protect the environment of Crawford County from threats such as those posed by concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and to promote sustainable land use, local control of natural resources, and environmental justice.


Emerald Clean Water for All - A grassroots citizen group of farmers and concerned residents who are working to protect the health and safety of St. Croix County from CAFO's.


KewauneeCares - Citizens advocating responsible environmental stewardship in Kewaunee County.


Farms Not Factories - Farms Not Factories advocates for the protection and stewardship of the land, air and water in the Lake Superior Basin by promoting policies which support environmentally sound and socially responsible agriculture.


Green County Defending Our Farmland - GCDF's goal is to protect the health and safety of Green County residents through research and education of the environmental and economic impacts of CAFO's on rural communities.


Grassland Butter Boycott - A grassroots group of farmers and concerned citizens who are working to protect the health and safety of Dunn County from CAFOs.



Statewide Citizen Grassroots/Advocacy Groups

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