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Wisconsin is in crisis with the ever-increasing number of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) being permitted in our state.  With a record number of dairy CAFO's currently in operation and the increase of hog facilities being introduced, Wisconsin is in dire need of Legislation that will protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens from the water, air, and land contamination these facilities bring.


The Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network is leading the charge with their call for a statewide moratorium on the construction and expansion of industrial-sized concentrated animal feeding operations in Wisconsin.  You, as concerned citizens of Wisconsin, can be active in this initiative by spreading the word and encouraging others to get involved.


Detailed information regarding this campaign can be found at 

Individual links to documents are contained below.


Position Statement outlining necessity for a CAFO moratorium

  • This position statement was constructed by SRWN members and sent around statewide to all Wisconsin municipalities and County boards.  All were encouraged to enact a Resolution in support of the moratorium.  You can check with your local officials to encourage action by your elected representatives. 


Moratorium Factsheet


Resolution in Support of a State-Wide CAFO Moratorium

  • Pre-written resolution available to state municipalities and organizations to adopt and present to state legislators.


Citizen petition in support of a state-wide moratorium

  • Please take a minute and add your name to the hundreds of Wisconsin citizens already supporting SRWN's efforts


Organization, Town/Municipality, & County document to register support for Position Statement 

  • Are you a member of an organization or local municipality willing to register your support?  Please feel free to share supporting documents and register your organization as a supporter of the statewide moratorium effort.



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